Freud’s Angels Project


This is one of the most exciting announcements I’ve made!

My dear friend Grace and I have launched a podcast that is turning into something very special for both of us.

Meet the Freud’s Angels brand!

Right now it is a collaborative podcast, but we are working on a lot of other things.

Freud’s Angels is a bit of a play on words, as Dr. Siggy would not approve of the idea that a therapist would believe in that spiritual energy realm and that’s exactly what the basis of our collaboration is. I bring in the traditional and nontraditional psychology of the mind, and Grace brings in the energy healing and spirit guides based treatment.

We both dip into the sides of the other, so it’s really about creating a new modality of healing that is more than one dimensional.

I’m so excited that I’m going to save you the time of looking us up and hit you with some links right here:

Freud’s Angels on iTunes

Freud’s Angels on Spotify

Freud’s Angels on Facebook