This is your sign.

Your intuition led you to this exact place in this exact time for a reason.
Only you know what that reason is.
Maybe you are having a hard day, and are wondering if there is anything better out there for you.

There is.

Maybe you are curious and there’s nothing going particularly wrong.
I am adding energy to your abundance.
Maybe you have been looking for a sign to change everything. You want to run away and start over.

You can. Plan it.

Maybe you feel hopeless. The weight of the world and its effect on you is making each day harder than the day before.
Don’t give up. You were sent here to understand that there is a shift to make.

What were you hoping for when you scanned this code?

Don’t edit it. Don’t filter it through “reality”.
Your soul speaks loudly when you listen.
Whatever it is that you want, the basic root of that want is something you can achieve.
It may not look like what you can imagine right now. But it will feel that way.
We often use our tunnel vison to build lives that still somehow end up unfulfilling.
It’s because the materials aren’t the “thing”.

The feeling is.

When you chase the feeling, allowing horizon view to lead you, you find fulfilment.

This is your sign.

Go get it.

If you need help, I’m here.