About Vanessa

Thanks for wanting to learn more about me!

People come to this About Me page for two reasons:
To make sure that I’m qualified
To get a sense of who I am to know if they’d like to work with someone like me

Let’s go ahead and attack my qualifications first and then get to the fun stuff.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling from Seton Hall University. I have personal experience with infertility, loss, pregnancy, parenting an attachment deficient child, being a biological mother, and I have a certification from ASRM in Infertility Mental Health. I’m an LPC-A in South Carolina.

I am also a badass woman who has risen from the ashes more than once. 

I’ve found myself in toxic relationships that I’ve had to escape from.

I’ve taken calculated risks when it comes to my career.

I’ve moved around the country in order to find the right place for my roots to be planted.

Because of all this, I am the go-to person for the people in my life that need a boost to feel powerful. And I love that!

Here’s some fluff about me….

I’m a die hard member of the Craft Mafia.
I run on Dunkin’ but since Starbucks added surrogacy to their benefits, I sneak over there.
I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.
I used to own a small cupcake catering company and love to bake.
I have lived in 6 different states, starting over completely in 4 of them.
I live with, manage well, and have love for my often high anxiety.

What kinds of clients are the most successful:

People who are open to learning and have a deep desire to change their lives. These are people who allow themselves to see an alternate reality and trust that they can drastically affect their outcome by implementing the tools we create in our work together. Those that will commit to doing their best to believe in me, themselves, and our partnership as capable of smashing all roadblocks on the journey to the top.

“Each time I am able to help someone build a bridge to the perceived impossible, it is personally rewarding for me. I truly enjoy the journey with each client and appreciate the opportunity to be part of it.”

Your time is now. Click here and let’s show the world who’s boss!