Chat Based Counseling

What the heck is chat based counseling and why is it a thing?

Imagine it’s Monday and you just had a fight with your significant other because he didn’t feel like “doing it”. You’re incredibly hurt and feel you have no one to talk to. You don’t want to talk to a friend, because you feel they would hate your partner and that’s not what this is about. Or you’ve just done your IVF transfer and are feeling nervous, scared, excited, and so many other emotions that you can’t describe.

“I wish I could just text my counselor right now.”

Sure, you can talk about it when your weekly counseling appointment comes on Friday, but by then the moment has passed and you can’t seem to articulate your feelings about it as well.

This is why chat based counseling was invented. At that horrible time, you can send an encrypted message to me, like writing in a diary, so that when I log in to read it, I get a better sense of what is happening in the moment. Many times it’s soon after you’ve sent it, so I join the moment with you and work through it.

All you need is your phone and a data connection. You can be anywhere and get your counseling in! You’re busy and TTC makes you crazy. You need support and guidance. Now you have it at your fingertips!

Chat services are held on an encrypted app, that has its own password protection. Even the company that created the app cannot access our conversations.

Ready to start? Drop me a line here and let’s get to it!

*Using on-the-fly means you may not get a response right away, so it is not appropriate as a replacement for emergency services or severe crisis management.