Intuitive Counseling and Coaching

What is it like to receive Intuitive Counseling?

When you’re stuck in a place that makes you feel weak, beaten down, hopeless and tired, it is hard to believe that you can ever climb out.

When we are in the middle of the swamp, all we see is swamp. When someone is on the other side of the weeds, they know how close the land actually is to you.

I’m on the other side of the weeds, arm outstretched to help you see for yourself.

Intuitive counseling does two things for clients that traditional clinical therapy doesn’t. It allows for the counselor to tap into their intuitive abilities to get a head start on what issues and blocks are just outside of your own vision. It also is meant to train you in the ways of being more intuitive yourselves, developing a powerful ability to go within for answers on your own.

Intuitive counseling gets confused for mediumship and psychic experiences. That’s because sometimes it feels that way when a “stranger” is able to tap into you and speak about things you have yet to share. It IS based in an energetic connection, and some intuitive counselors are also mediums, but your experience with me is a mix between energy and psychology.

I help you find resources in your area. I help you map out your rebuilding phases. I support you when you slip and feel like you can’t find your footing. I’m your cheerleader, your guidance, your mirror, and your soul’s friend.


How many sessions do I need?

The beauty of this world is the diversity and that diversity applies here as well. There is no magic number that fits for everyone when it comes to personal development. For clients coming to map out a move, they may find that the support is needed only for the time leading up to the move. For clients who are seeking deeper trauma healing, they will find more benefit with extended time working together.

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