Rethinking “Know Your Worth” – Is This Effective or Damaging?


Dear Diary,

This week, for some reason, every time I heard the phrase “know your worth”, I cringed. Something I’ve said a million times, hits me differently right now. I do believe that foundationally, people connect to it as a positive thing but is it that way for everyone? Or is it that way just for people who are in that power place and think that it’s helpful in motivating others who are not?

Many clients that I have had in my career struggle with self worth. Most of us on Earth do, at one point or another. We can’t help but to look around and see where we rank in every setting. It’s almost primal, to be able to know our place in the pack.

But how did that translate to adding the word “worth”? Worth requires assessment, and it assigns value based on that assessment. How did that become something we applied to ourselves as humans? Assessing our worthiness of what? We are all worthy of all the blessings life has to offer!

The idea that we will rank ourselves in what we deserve isn’t something I want to partake in. No more comparison to decide what we can and cannot have. It’s not through comparison that we rise. It’s not through evaluation of deserving that we manifest. We are simply worthy, without evaluation.

Thank you Universe for the gift of this download to share.

Vanessa πŸ™‚