Fertility Coaching

Once upon a time there was this woman who wanted 5 kids.

Me. I was that woman!

When I got married, I was SO EXCITED that I was going to start on my self-made hockey team.
After a year of trying and no pregnancy, I began to worry.

I was referred to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) and the hell that is infertility.

Sound familiar?

But let me fast forward for a moment, to help you see the possibilities.

I am a mom. Biologically. And I want you to be, too.

The thing about infertility is that until you have experienced difficulty getting pregnant, you don’t fully understand the struggle.

There are plenty of people out there who care and have empathy, but there is an indescribable bond between Infertility Warriors that only comes from enduring that repetitive heartbreak.

It started with temping and charting.

The months that followed went something like this:

That was my first chance at becoming the strong woman you see today.

Yes, dear, I have been where you are.

I didn’t know what a Fertility Coach was or what they could do for me.

I want to help you avoid the emotional carnage that comes with going-it-silent.

I want to teach you how to change your outcome by integrating emotional support, mindset changes, and encouragement that your medical team is unable to provide.

They’re going to work with your body. I am going to work with your heart and soul.

At some point, a shift has to be made.

It’s transforming everything that you believe about yourself and your body.

And it works.

My little miracle was conceived naturally. She is a rainbow baby who came after an extremely painful ectopic experience in which I lost one of my fallopian tubes.

She was conceived the cycle after that surgery.

Motherhood is a gift that you deserve.

I am ready to help you create your own miracle, and beyond.

Through the conception journey, pregnancy, and into the postpartum stage, we are in this together!

Let’s get started