Toxic Positivity Is Not What’s Happening Right Now

Inspired by a post berating those that are choosing to see positive options for getting through this tough time, I’m coming at you about why blocking positivity right now is a big mistake.

When you don’t want to hear something positive, it’s time to turn inward and ask yourself why.

Why are you not willing to see that as a gift of love to those who want to take it?

Why are you feeling that because you’re not choosing it, that it’s not right for someone else who may be seeing it?

Often we block these kinds of things because we feel that it discounts our pain. It feels like invalidation of your own pain, because you don’t believe it is a solution for you.

But that’s just the thing.

If it’s not for you (oh, and how will you know if you won’t even try it?), you can move past it and turn to what does work for you. And if you aren’t trying anything, rather you’re just allowing the situation to eat you up with no attempt at blocking it, take a moment to learn why.

Give yourself the chance to take responsibility for what you can control in the situation. Outside forces do not have to be your only emotion driving force.

All it takes is one look into history and you’ll find plenty of evidence of people who were in worse situations and rose above them to greatness. They did that with the knowledge that they can accept what is happening, but do not succumb to it and allow it to dictate the future as well.

If they can rise, so can we.

And if we choose to block it and sit in our validated pain, that’s a choice as well.

I hope your choice today will be to see the positivity as love being spread.

Sending you all love, healing, light, and support as we all navigate this difficult time.